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Breakfast at the Hôtel des Berges

In the sweetness of the morning, at the heart of the garden among fruit trees and weeping willows, on the terrace at the edge of the River Ill, in the privacy of the indoor dining room with its natural and contemporary decoration...

Whatever the location, the breakfast is a highlight of our House . Everything is refined, from the beautifully laid table and the plates discreetly decorated with willow leaves to the dishes on offer, by way of the service. 

For a fresh start, begin with freshly-pressed fruit juice and exquisite fruit salad. Then succumb to the melting home-made kugelhopf and other pastries prepared each morning by Christophe Fischer, the pastry chef. If you so desire, you can enhance them with jams from the garden.

On the savoury side of things, Jean-Paul Bostoen, holder of a Best Craftsman in France title, creates brawn and country terrines according to the famous recipes handed down by the Haeberlin family. Finally, home-made yoghurt and crème brulée will bring a note of sweetness.

Take your time to enjoy this gourmet breakfast feast. It’s going to be a lovely day!

If you want anadventurous breakfast on the water, the House offers, together with the Boatmen’s Association of Illhaeusern, the opportunity to take a flat boat out for an hour to enjoy your breakfast on the waters of the River Ill.

An unforgettable moment of gourmet serenity in the sweetness of the morning.

The Bar

The hotel bar, on the ground floor facing the river, boasts a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Two large sofas, beside a few small tables. Everywhere is imbued with wood, warm and lively colours, heavy curtains with floral patterns, objects discovered by the hotel owners - contemporary vases, bronzes of animal by Kurt Arentz - and a bouquet of flowers from the garden on the coffee table. There is no doubt you will feel at home here.

Enjoy this intimate setting after a busy day, with a glass of wine at the hour of the aperitif, or a nightcap later in the evening in the quiet of the night... A simple and authentic pleasure!

the bar, details
auberge de lill

The outdoor pool

The tapered appearance impresses, the stainless steel bottom fascinates, the water heated year-round to 30° Celsius summons!

The outdoor pool of the Hôtel des Berges and the Willows Spa offers a moment of relaxation at any time of the day.

After a treatment or a steam bath, in the heat of the afternoon, swim a few lengths and then treat yourself to sweet idleness in the deckchairs. A special touch by the House: the individual leaf-shaped parasols... refinement and elegance down to the last detail!

And so many other times...

Every day, around four in the afternoon, storks keep an appointment in the garden of the hotel: Madame Haeberlin senior feeds them with care and affection.

Each year, the country ball of L’Auberge de l’Ill takes place on the evening of July 13th. A unique festive moment that is not to be missed! A special menu is prepared for the occasion. There is plenty of musical entertainment and fireworks punctuate this colourful soirée.

Around the rooms and spaces of the hotel, discover the animal bronzes by Kurt Arentz. Here a powerful wild boar, there a family of deer, further on a pair of leaping hares and then fat geese, ducks, a young foal… A living and vibrant bestiary that accompanies you throughout your stay.

The New Yearis celebrated with joy and splendour at L’Auberge de l’Ill. For this very special evening, the Chef prepares a gala menu. The dining room puts on its best finery… A dancing orchestra invites guests to make a few dance steps over the course of the evening. The fireworks illuminate the sky over Illhaeusern.

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