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The Willows Spa, 5-star spa in Alsace

A great contemporary

It stands in the garden near the Hôtel des Berges: the barn, as simple as it is beautiful, as high - the frame reaches 7 metres - as it is deeply-rooted in the land of Alsace.

Taste the magical alchemy of minerals and plants, of the sky - light is ubiquitous - and of water. Discover the purity of the lines, soak up the intensity of the materials, make the generous volumes your own...

This revisited barn is the setting for the Willows Spa; offering the promise of true relaxation, it invites us to meditation.

Stimulating all the senses

As soon as you cross the threshold you embark on a sensory journey. The gaze is irresistibly attracted to this pure and sober raw concrete, toward these massive, yet luminous and warm oak timbers.

The delicate fragrance of the Willows Spa is subtly distilled in the changing room; steam room and sauna exhale a scent of eucalyptus with its purifying virtues. And then the sound of this water which is by turns invigorating, soothing and tonifying, recalling the quintessence of the Spa.

As for the sense of touch, it is as much the caress of the water as that of the treatment and massage oils, or even that of the noble materials...

A universe of well-being

Beautiful clarity for the tisane room with large windows overlooking the terrace; come here to extend the pleasure of a treatment or a period in the steam room. At the centre, a stunning stone, both unique art object and seat. It unfolds itself in curves and warmth. We sit, we follow its forms with the hand... Soothing! 

A more intimate atmosphere for the four treatment rooms on each side of the hallway. They unfold behind tall sliding oak screens of Japanese inspiration. Everything is fluid, easy to get to essentials. Silence and relaxation for the cocoons of well-being...

At the heart of the journey, the steam room, sauna, and pools of hot water and cold water offer their benefits. And to ensure total relaxation, let yourself dream in one of the side alcoves with giant, ultra-soft cushions. Firmly rooted in the Earth and called to rise by a glance towards the cathedral-like timber frame: this is the power of the Willows Spa.

On the outside, experience our jacuzzi or take advantage of the long pool heated to 30° Celsius all year round.

A glance at the stainless steel bottom and the sky offers itself to you!

Finally, climb a few steps to discover, on the upper floor of the Spa, the chapel. Everything here calls for meditation, from the round white vault to the cathedral-like volumes by way of the deliberately spare style.

A beauty that calls us to rise. Listen to the silence, take care of the mind and soul after taking care of your body. Everything becomes serenity.

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Treatment Menus

Body treatments
Harmony relaxation massage
Deep relaxation through a combination of multi-sensory massage movements which relax body and mind. For a beautiful and balanced body.
1 hour€95
Revital'Ill massage
Absolute well-being massage with Effipuncture points, smoothing and crossed movements. Releases tension and stress to bring your body back to normality. Relaxing neroli and ylang ylang aromas.
1 hour 30 mins€140
Detoxifying and slimming massage
Inspired by traditional Japanese massages, this relaxing and self-heating tonic ritual provides detoxification through drainage and strengthening of the body in a cocoon of deep well-being. Alternating rubbing, Effipuncture points, folding and rolling - cellulite and water retention is reduced in different body areas.
1 hour 30 mins€140
Purity body scrub
Soft and powerful exfoliating scrub with circular, smoothing and rubbing movements across the body. Rich in brown algae, it regenerates and purifies. Skin is soft like silk. With vanilla tea aromas.
45 mins€75
Massage des Saules
Powerful and sensory muscle massage with our white willow oil. Tension is released. Muscles return to their original place and condition.
1 hour€95
Reflexology massage (soft)
This massage creates a connection between the body's individual organs and the corresponding nerve endings on the feet. This treatment is bringing a sense of harmony and total well-being to your entire sytem for a deep feeling of relaxation.
30 min€55
Facial treatments
Pure beauty treatment
Deep cleansing of the skin with a purity treatment which smooths and relaxes the face’s features. Radiant effect.
30 mins€55
Magnifiscience treatment
Hydrating and complexion enhancing ritual associated with the complete and active Effipuncture method. Reduces imperfections, wrinkles and provides radiance in a cocoon of well-being.
1 hour€95
Anti-ageing and firming treatment
Powerful anti-ageing, redensifying and complexion enhancing treatment. The complete and active Effipuncture method provides Natural Lifting, smoothing complexion over time and providing an immediate and long-term radiant complexion.
1 hour 30 mins€140
Revitalising treatment for him
Purifying and hydrating treatment for men. Deep cleansing, the skin is fresher and pure.
30 mins€55
Other beauty treatments


With nail varnish

30 mins

45 mins




With nail varnish

30 mins

45 mins



Tailor-made 1 hour
1 hour programme
1 hour€95
Tailor-made 2 hours
2 hour programme
2 hours€190
Tailor-made 3 hours
3 hour programme
3 hours€285
Couples’ well-being treatment
2 x 1 hour treatments (separate cabin)
1 hour €190
Beauty treatment for her
Anti-ageing and firming treatment + manicure with nail varnish
2 hours 15 mins€200
3-star man
Revitalising treatment for him + manicure
1 hour€95
Purity body scrub + Massage des Saules + Magnifiscience treatment
2 hours 45 mins€275
Our massages are well-being and relaxation treatments; they are non-therapeutic and non-medical.
The indicated duration of the treatments corresponds to the total treatment appointment: a 30 mins, 60 mins or 90 mins treatment corresponds respectively to a 20 mins, 50 mins and 80 mins treatment. .
Please arrive promptly for your appointment at least 10 minutes in advance. Any delay will be taken off the booked treatment time. If you would like to cancel or postpone your treatment, please call the spa 24 hours before your appointment.

For our Day-Spa guests we charge an extra 35 euros per person and per reservation.

Nature Effiscience

An expert brand

The Spa of Willows has chosen Nature Effiscience, a brand recognised for the naturalness of its products combined with the technical character of their treatment based on shiatsu points.

Juniper, arnica, neroli, almond, avocado, apricot... Flowers and fruits bring their benefits to your skin, remineralising, soothing and strengthening. The Nature Effiscience technique, which combines shiatsu and massage, brings an immediate and enduring sense of well-being.

When relaxation rhymes with effectiveness.

The willow in the spotlight

The willow offers its sweet nonchalance and its grace on the banks of the River Ill. It is also the soul of the Spa: lacquered leaves on the stylized trunks at the entrance, delicate inlays in the stone, and the natural basis of the products developed with Effiscience Nature especially for the Spa.

The oil of white willow, which relieves and soothes as it invigorates the skin, has been created especially for you.

A custom creation for unique care!

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