Association Epices

EPICES stands for Espaces de Projets d’Insertion Cuisine Et Santé (Spaces for Food and Health Integration Projects), and is an association created in 2009 by Isabelle Haeberlin to bring together youth and adults around the kitchen. Because the kitchen unites.

Everything becomes possible: share, exchange, listen, welcome, transmit, train... Everyone comes together in the values of respect and benevolence.

The wife of Marc Haeberlin organises workshops, events and training sessions at which difference becomes a source of mutual enrichment between cultures, generations, and life experiences.

Students of the public schools of Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin, teenagers, young adults in search of social and professional integration, students, parents of students including numerous mums, teachers as part of the departmental training plans, adults seeking employment and all those who love the kitchen are invited to share the project.

All work in the confidence and the desire to progress. In 2015, the association received the official support of the Foundation of France. In 2016, EPICES was awarded the Solidarity Prize by Version Femina & Europe 1 and was a winner of the Golden Nest from the Nestlé Foundation.

EPICES is an association, but also the taste and flavours of life!