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L’Auberge de l’Ill, Two Michelin star gourmet restaurant in Illhaeusern, near Colmar

The authenticity of an Alsatian Inn

From its native region, the Auberge de l'Ill has graceful frescoes painted on its exterior facades and an entrance that looks like a tobacco drying house.
From the land of Alsace the Auberge de l'Ill draws family spirit and conviviality; from its terroir it offers wonderful products and generous cuisine.

In 1952 began the starred history of the Auberge de l'Ill. Since then the story of the restaurant is written day after day.

To Jean-Pierre Haeberlin and his famous watercolours and Paul Haberlin succeded Marc and Danielle both supported by their children, all animated by the same love of the profession.

A wonderful gourmet cuisine

The cuisine of the Auberge de l’Ill reflects the image of the family which is perpetuated accross generations: from Paul Haeberlin with his famous frogs' legs' mousseline and his Haeberlin peach, to his son Marc who makes the perfect alliance between classic and contemporary dishes through his creations.

The generosity, the search of the right taste, the elegance of the presentation of the dishes as well as the excellence at the service of the guests are always present.

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The Chef today

Marc Haeberlin embodies the richness and the soul of the cuisine at the Auberge de l’Ill. Hard work, humility, passion and pleasure have driven the Chef ever since he embarked on this profession.

Marc Haeberlin makes excellence rhyme with sharing.

The service at the heart of the stars

For Danielle Baumann Haeberlin, service is present at every moment, and through each member of the great family of the Auberge de l’Ill who receives you.

A benevolent gaze, a genuine smile and an attentive and discreet ear... The spirit of the house envelops everyone...

A dreamlike natural setting

L’Auberge de l’Ill...
an ode to the poetry of nature!

The river is close by
… Follow the stream of the water

Salle à manger

Light and fluttering, origami butterflies and hummingbirds give life to the magnificent tapestry. .

Velvet, hessian, flannel, Hermès printed fabrics make up this dreamlike landscape in patchwork with extra sophistication, all underlined with copper strips to emphasise the eternal power of nature.


Opening out fully onto the garden and the Ill river, the Veranda has a bright atmosphere with a delicate softness.

Everything here plays on transparency and reflections. The Murano glass screen plays with the decoration. On the ceiling, giant hammered stainless steel panels act like mirrors, reflecting the trees in the garden and the river nearby.

Everything is alive. Everything is working in harmony with nature. 

Pièce Alsacienne

The Ried landscape is made into a work of art.

Rushes and reeds, storks and herons, lakes and deep forests become the patterns for the superb marquetry which decorates the room.

A unique technical skill which underlines the powerful and moving poetic beauty. 


From the tall frame to the openwork trellises and panels, The Pigeonnier is a protective and warm wooden oasis.

Everything here suggests elegant charm. 

A traditional atmosphere revisited with the subtle combination of vertical and horizontal lines and a suspension of blown glass: a bundle of wood with a lightness like no other.

The dream isn’t far! 

The Pigeonnier can be booked for private events. 

The menu

Goose foie gras "à la cuillière", candied seasonal fruits and toasted Alsace Langhopf brioche  64€
Ravioles without dough, filled with pumpkin from Philippe Uhl's garden  48€
Scallop tartare with citrus fruits and Ossetra caviar, spider crab coulis112€
Pan-fried langoustine, truffle mousse and leek 85€
Fish and shellfisch
"Auberge de l'Ill" salmon soufflé  50€
Special "Paul Haeberlin" frog-leg mousseline 79€
Turbot fillet with Ossetra caviar, fingerling potato mousseline109€
Brittany lobster, pressed wild mushromms, herb emulsion104€
Sole, shellfish and seaweed tartare ( 2 people )175€
Trolley of matured cheeses€27
Poultry, Meal, Offal, Game
Rack of "Allaiton d'Aveyron" lamb and Tarbes-grown with kidney beans 78€
Whole black-truffle baked in ash135€
Spit-roasted "Mieral" Bresse chicken with dainty truffle-filled baeckaoffa, thighs in light Parmentier fashion 2nd course (2 people)195€
Loin of venison, Alsace-style potato pancake and apricot compote  92€
"A la royale" hare in the style of Paul Haeberlin88€
Wagyu beff (Japan), sauerkraut gyoza, Nagoya-inspired sauce, glazed crackling and vegetable broth110€

Set menus

Traditional menu
Only served on Saturday and Sunday lunch, 14.4% service charge included

Goose foie gras with gewurztraminer jelly
Brittany lobster with cauliflower and sea urchin tongue vinaigrette

“Auberge de l’Ill” salmon soufflé
Pan-fried sea bass, pumpkin quenelle

Fillet of pigeon with cabbage, goose liver and truffles
Pan-fried veal sweetbread, parsnip mousseline, Piemont hazelnut and Blue Mountain coffee sauce

Chestnut and blackcurrant mousse, blackcurrant sorbet
Chocolate bar with Piedmont hazelnut

Petits fours and chocolates

Haeberlin menu
14.4% service charge included
The menu should be ordered before 13:30 (lunch) and before 20:30 (diner)

Scallop tartare with citrus fruits

Pan-fried sea bass fillet,  pumpkin dumplings, poached Bouchot mussels

Brittany lobster, pressed wild mushromms, herb emulsion

Beef rib steak with carrots

Tahiti Vanilla rice pudding with pollen and honey flowers icecream

Pear medley, Tonka bean and caramel

Petits fours and chocolates

Vegetable Experience
185 €
Drinks and 14.4% service charge included
The menu should be ordered before 13:30 (lunch) and before 20:30 (diner)

Ravioles without dough, filled with pumpkin from Philippe Uhl's garden

Finesse and piquancy with radicchio and parsnip

Pressed wild mushromms, herb emulsion

Spelt  risotto, truffles and artischoke

The small Haeberlin peach

Pear medley, Tonka bean and caramel

These are part of the Auberge de l’Ill’s history and the famed legend of the Haeberlin family. They have been enjoyed by generations of food lovers and continue to enchant the finest palates...
Truffle cooked in embers€154
Goose foie gras terrine€61
Salmon soufflé “Auberge de l’Ill” €50
Frog's leg Mousseline “Paul Haeberlin” €78

How to find us
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Hôtel des Berges
4 rue de Collonges au Mont d'Or
68970 Illhaeusern

Closed Monday evening and Tuesday.

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