The 2-Michelin star L’Auberge de l’Ill, the Hôtel des Berges & the 5-star Spa at Illhaeusern in Alsace

A pretty Alsace road, lined with charming houses, with the mountains of the Vosges massif in the background, surrounded by green countryside, and then the village of Illhaeusern, taking its name from the river flowing nearby.

It is here that the Haeberlin-Baumann family has welcomed you for more than 150 years. 150 years of passion and happiness shared through L’Auberge de l’Ill, the Hôtel des Berges and the Willows Spa.

L’Auberge de l’Ill

Guided by the undulation of the river nearby, take a few steps inside. Start your journey at the poetic heart of Alsace's natural landscape. Then whet your appetite browsing the Haeberlin culinary repertoire.

From the essential recipes that forged the starred legend up to the latest creations of Marc Haeberlin, everything is refinement and generosity.

Restaurant dish
auberge de lill

5-star Willows Spa

The pure beauty of the surroundings among the majesty of the volumes, the natural power of materials and light, creating a moment at the heart of the well-being.

A treatment or a massage with willow oil, with our expert partner Nature Effiscience, long minutes in the outdoor jacuzzi, a detour to the steam room or sauna... Time has stopped!

Every minute becomes an eternity of relaxation and wholeness.